Monday, February 11, 2008

I gave Birth!!!!

To a beautiful girl!
Sorry I haven't written but it's just that I am sooo tired from getting adjusted..
I had my Baby Shower on Saturday, and I was already feeling really tired. Jovan had gone to Arizona, as I had mentioned before, and he got home like around 3 in the morning, I was still awake...
I got up really early that Sunday, I got up to clean the bathroom, dust the whole living room, clean the kitchen, wash dishes... then I went back to lie down, my mom calls around 8 am to see if I wanted to go clean (after the mess;))
It was definitely a long day, i invited my sisters in law to eat some Mole, Arroz and frijolitos.
I was definitely nesting.
After a romantic night with my husband! (wink wink) just about 10:40 we went to sleep.
I started having contractions at around 11:40 and thanks to this website that measures your contractions I figured that I was having contractions every 2 minutes and a half for about 30 seconds.
I didn't want to wake up my husband because I thought that I was in false labor, well after 5 contractions he woke up, and I was sitting on the toilet... (that relieved some of the pain) he got kind of scared but I told him to go back to sleep... he didn't!
I get on the Tub with warm water and my laptop on my side counting every single contraction
After an hour passes we call Kaiser to let somebody know I was having contractions, I was told I was on Early labor and I had to wait for another hour because the contractions were going to get longer and more spaced out... WHAT! Im thinking.. so I get up.. I put my white pants on... I go pee and I see blood.
I get my birthing ball (same as a Yoga Ball) and I sit on that thing for about 2 contractions and I just couldn't stand it.. I do my floor exercises to relieve the pain and nothing!... i go and get my sweater to get out and walk.... as I walk outside our bedroom.... i hear a pop! and this urge to push gets in me... I go to the bathroom and a gush of liquid get out... and THIS URGE TO PUSH! I push! and I feel a head get out!
I tell Jovan what happened and that we need to get to the hospital ASAP! we gather what we can, start our trip to the hospital.
We live on a Second Floor, and as we are walking down the stairs when another urge to push gets to me, my legs tremble, and I'm just thinking that I need to keep this baby in... jut until the hospital right...
We get on the car and Jovan starts driving, you can only imagine how he is driving, running stop lights, red lights, luckily it was late and no cops were around... we get to hospital he gets down the car, because I can't! and gets the nurse, the nurse comes out with a wheelchair, and I just keep on breathing... (Oh man there was lots of breathing) We get to the 4th floor and they take me to the delivery room, the nurse puts her hand inside and feels that I'm already 10 cm dilated! and they say.. all right you need to push... it's ready... No epidural, no IV no nothing!
I push once the head comes out.. and Jovan sees the face, with big wide eyes open... then i push again the body comes out, IT'S OUT! and no crying just grunting.. five minutes later we ask.. what was it? IT'S A GIRL! It's a girl... a little 5 lbs 18 inches little girl!
The nurses check me for tears or rips... just a couple very tiny tears nothing major.. but I can walk.. I even walk to the Bathroom and Pee! LOL
They take us to our room... Pictures to come

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