Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Unassisted Birth

Since we were pregnant with Alanna, we were thinking of having a homebirth... We never looked for information and it was just left alone for a while...but it was still lingering in the back of our heads....
With JG we were also thinking it... but i just can't remember why we didn't go ahead with it..
Well with Camila, we were seriously doing research, came across a pair of midwifes that gave us a bunch of information and also the most important... their pricing $3500 big bucks. Gee how could we afford it.. well thanks to a little angel we were able to afford it. Then I went to the initial appointment and they told me their fee was only for their labor... What?! you don't supply the stuff.. the birth kit.
I started doing some research and the only thing that worries me is the registration at the SD RECORDS office... there are so many requirements that make me a little iffy... but I think we can go ahead with it.
Well we are going to have an unassisted birth, no doctor, no midwife... a lot of people may disagree because they think or society has made them think we need a doctor, nurses, equipment and hospital to have a "natural birth" whats so natural about being hooked up to a machine. And it's not us being old fashioned or trying to save a couple of bucks, at this point it's about doing it the way nature intended it.

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