Friday, July 20, 2007

First Doctor Appointment

On this first appointment they measured my belly... well there is no belly yet.. but they started doing that... And also they tried making me pee in a cup... and of course my bladder at that exact moment decided it wanted to be shy!!! WTF, well i got off the hook and I didn't have to pee.
In the meanwhile Jovan was on his way and we waited, good thing he didn't get there on time because it's kind of embarrasing, having the doctor see your vagina while your husband is there... well we got to see our little project...
Apparently we were 7 weeks and two days
"embryo" from Crump to Length (CRL) measured 11 mm and this means that we got pregnant on that trip we had to Bahia de los Angeles
Very good experience to see it's heart pump so fast... made me think "when did it start heartbeat?")

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