Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second Doctor Appointment

I just went to my second visit.. and it was awesome... last time we didn't even see something that reflected a baby... this time I saw something else, I saw a tornado that would let the doctor take a picture of! Wait was kind of long but I got to see the wiggling litte "dad's squirt" he he he he he he
On the first picture, you can see the profile of the baby
On the second, you can see he is wiggling his legs
Then the second one, don't even go there it is not a penis nor a clitoris yet, we still don't know what is it going to be but it's there is something, It's his/her long legs.It was amazing seeing this little thing wiggle and wiggle, it would not stay put...
Can not wait to see you my little sunshine~!
Narita o Jovancito... Our little bundle of Joy, our little 45mm of joy!

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