Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Labor and Delivery Tour- Comments about it

It was kind of exciting.. I was nervous to go in and see where my life was going to change forever (although it already has)
They show you a video of "open mindness" towards medication during delivery.. Like I've said.. or maybe I haven't, I would like to have an all natural delivery... Plenty of Pros not many Cons, with the exception of Pain..
I don't think I'm afraid of pain.. our body was created to tolerate childbirth, and our ancestors used to deal with it.. why is it the modern society has to have "pain killers"?
I don't have anything against it.. but it's only once.. and it's for a beautiful cause.. the birth of your child...I'm not saying that I won't be flexible, if the time comes and my body is asking for it.. then we will see what happens.. but that's my 2 cents on that.
They take you through the nursery, NICU, the Labor and Delivery rooms.. past the Post-Partum Rooms..
I saw myself at the L&D room and I freaked! I could be there in less than a month!
I was so hungry and then after that we took a little trip to TJ to have some Sopes and Tostadas.. we wanted tacos too, but we were too full, so we just came back home...
and that was our day.

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