Monday, January 31, 2011

A Week

It's been a week... and nothing has happened.... except just waiting...I heard that taking Rue (c0mmon rue) i would just "release" the pregnancy, I thought about taking it... and I did once, but then my conscience came into place, what if....? the "what if" is what killing me now...
My body keeps on gaining weight and following my hormones orders like if i was still pregnant, i keep on doing research, trying to find answers that no website will give me....I read Misdiagnosed miscarriage and my hopes get up, but then I get into more medical crap and my hopes get shot just like a deer at an open range.

And what is up with the baby boom?
My little family spent a mini vacation at Julian and I couldn't seem to get my away from my mourning and really enjoy my surroundings... Everything made me think...and not to help the cause, this lady at a diner.... told us "you should really have another one..." Felt like putting salt, lemon and tequila on an open wound... no words came out, you could just hear our thoughts and feel our sadness...I know my husband felt what I was feeling... but we both opt not to go that road... it Hurts
I guess what i couldn't tell him then and there... I am pouring here Sorry....

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Anonymous said...

animo da gusto saber que te fuiste a distraer un poco..

me regresaron mi laptop se me habia extraviado en la escuela, pero por cuestiones de seguridad mejor cambiare mi mail y face...cuidate amiga..